What is Braving Body Shame?

Braving Body Shame is a ‘Lived Experience’ conference that will focus on the ‘Braving Body Shame’ stories of our amazing Speakers. What is their unique lived experience with body shame? How did they overcome, or how are they overcoming body shame in their life? How does body shame show up in their life? Where do they find support? These are all questions that others working through their own body shame or supporting a client/friend/loved one through their journey has come up against. We wanted to bring stories together that give insight into what it’s REALLY like for people experiencing body shame out in the world today and the unique ways they deal with them. Facts and figures are important but they are only a small part of understanding the effects that Body Shame can have on a person and how important it is for us to take in the whole STORY when working to heal those effects.

Why now?

After attending a couple of in-person academic conferences, one of our hosts saw that there was a BIG part of knowledge and understanding missing from each conference. She realized that there was a great NEED for a conference that was more accessible and less academic-focused. After sharing her frustration with what was missing she decided to put a team together and create what wasn’t out there. Together we agreed that we wanted to make this conference:

  • Intersectional
  • Financially feasible for more people
  • Non-academic Focused on Lived Experience
  • Easier to access

Who is this conference for?

EVERYONE! There will be stories about all different types body shame from a variety of speakers. All participants will take away great learning and tools to incorporate in their own lives or with clients. Everyone is welcome!!


Intro to Braving Body Shame

  • 24 hour access to daily videos

$ 49
Stepping into Braving Body Shame

  • Continued access to daily videos
  • Ability to download videos
  • Basic workbook
  • Transcripts

$ 99
Breaking through Body Shame

  • Continued access to daily videos
  • Ability to download videos
  • Expanded workbook
  • Transcripts
  • Daily study session video with hosts